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    Posted May 21, 2019

    ELI7E FC hosts an all weekend Futbol Camp each year for players during the Summer. Our athletes accomplish 2 months of training in two days and get to jump to different stations focused on different aspects of the game with dfferent international; Skill moves, Pass, Skill, Shooting, Velocity Training, Games, Touch, Control, Game IQ, Vision, etc. Players also get to meet the other players that train on different days and get to meet and train with the different International Trainers within the club. It is a action packed weekend of training and developing and is a tons of fun for everyone involved. Training camps are at the core of exactly what we try and do at ELI7E FC. Train. Develope. Have fun!

    ELI7E Director Camps

    ELI7E FC's President and Director will be hosting individual training Camps year round monthly. Work on yourself and your game. Sign Up here and train, progress, achieve!